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About us

Connecting inspiration, ideas and impact

NCKU is a research-led university that collaborates with partners and communities worldwide from its home in the historic city of Tainan, Taiwan. We are active in all areas critical to our quality of life and sustainability, from energy to health and from AI to the arts.

NCKU was a major participant in the much-lauded first Taiwan Economic Miracle decades ago, and now, as the newest wave of industrial transformation approaches, NCKU still plays a central role in areas ranging from alternative energy and the quantum sciences to smart medicine and cultural and heritage conservation.

NCKU aspires to be the pride of Taiwan and an inspiration to Tainan, an institution that makes major contributions to society thanks to its pragmatic academic climate, solid research strengths, international-caliber learning environment, innovative interdisciplinary studies and research, and highly effective industry-academia collaborations.

NCKU students, educators, and alumni each clearly demonstrate their value within the global community. Through technological inventions and a knowledge-based culture founded upon ethical conduct, care for the disadvantaged, and contributing to the betterment of society, NCKU people are actively working for the common future of humanity.

NCKU strives to make an impact by contributing to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We utilize SDG keyword mapping as a basis for developing SDG tools by conducting in-depth analysis of the quantitative data coming out of the research being done at various colleges in relation to the impact on resource abundance and applicability of SDG practices.

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History of NCKU

Inspired by our past and optimistic about the future

From its origins as Tainan Technical College in 1931 to becoming National Cheng Kung University in 1971, our university has always taken pride in applying our knowledge to solving real-world challenges. A major participant in the first Taiwan Economic Miracle, to-day NCKU is helping to drive the next wave of transformation.

And whilst we are continually evolving how we operate, we are always guided by our founding principle: the pursuit of knowledge through exhaustive reasoning.

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